A Message from the Owner

Some people dream of traveling the world. Some people dream of big houses, fast cars, or powerful jobs.

I dreamed of owning a business. Of providing for myself, my wife Kayla, and my 1 year old son Canaan. It takes a lot of hard work, but I love doing it and hope to be able to for many more years.

That is why every order matters to me. Every single one. At some chains you are just another dime-a-dozen customer. Here, your order means a lot to us: to me, my family, and the entire staff. It means we can continue serving you. It means I can invest in making the service better. It means we can update our equipment. It means we can grow.

Here your order is literally contributing to make my dream come true.

So thank you for considering us today. I hope we can exceed your expectations. And (because we are only human) if we fall short, I hope you will take the time to tell us how we can get even better.

God Bless





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